Rare Horror


Hey Timmy! Bobby! Y’all better put that dead thing down and come here! Don’t you know children shouldn’t play with those things? Now you just sit down here a spell while I tell you a cautionary tale as to why.

You see, there was this small theater troupe that once took a trip to a graveyard island for the express purpose of digging up a corpse. Why? I don’t know. Stop asking stupid questions. Anyways, this group consists of Alan, the arrogant leader, space-cadet Anya, sarcastic Val, fat funny guy Jeff, pretty ingenue Terry, and beefy Paul. All of the characters (with the exception of Val) seem genuinely terrified of Alan who threatens them with unemployment whenever they go against his will. So when he suggests they summon up the dead from their graves using a spellbook they gamely go along with it.


The spell doesn’t seem to take…

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